Senior skip day stereotypes



Hallways are often very empty on senior skip day with nearly one fourth of the school absent.

Gage Gohl, Staff Writer

Every spring, the first Monday after Prom, seniors all take an unofficial break from school. Nobody knows how senior skip day became a part of the LHS tradition, but all seniors, other students and teachers are in it. Roaming the hallways on senior skip day oftentimes brings a lot less chaos (and size) to the passing periods. Every class at LHS typically handles senior skip day a little bit differently, so here are the highlights from each class:

Freshman are oftentimes distraught by the fact that kids would actually skip school for no reason at all, without their parents calling them out for a special occasion. This is when freshmen refer to seniors as the rebels and rule breakers, every teacher’s worst nightmare in high school. Only a year ago in middle school these freshmen would have gotten detention for even laying a finger on the school doors during school hours, which is why open lunch is another mystery to these youngins.

Sophomores are typically the ones with the largest ego and act like they were going to skip too. “I was going to skip but I had to come make up this test because I already skipped three times last week” is a familiar phrase you might hear. Sophomores also act as though they have not been feeling well from partying so much at Prom over the weekend, but oftentimes forget they are not able to go. If you ask a sophomore how Prom went, they will more than likely make up a long story regarding the dance that they never attended.

Juniors are the most calm class of the three remaining at school that Monday. Juniors often do not even realize seniors are gone because they are so busy with standardized testing, ACT tests or keeping their head down with their air pods in minding their own business. Every once in a while a junior or two might end up going to Prom with a senior and will make sure to flex all their Prom pictures all over social media because no seniors will be at school the following Monday to put them in their place. 

Regardless of what grade you are in at LHS, there is a very good chance that you will fall under these stereotypes in some way or another. As for the seniors, they spend their day off sleeping in until 2 p.m. and remaining in bed watching Netflix while ignoring their homework in the two classes they are taking this year, counting down the days until graduation.