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Gage Gohl, Sports Editor

Gage Gohl is a senior at LHS,second-year staff member and Sports Editor for the Statesman. While not at school, you would typically find Gohl on the tennis courts, basketball courts, a golf course, watching sports or living that single life at home by his lonesome. Gohl is on both the tennis and basketball teams at LHS, and a part of the Student Council, Captains Council and ENHS. Gohl’s two goals of his senior year are to bring energy back to the LHS athletic events following “The COVID Year” and bringing State championships to LHS in both tennis and basketball.

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With the MLB locking down Dec. 1, 2021 for the first time since the 1989 season, fans and players will have to wait until the MLB addresses their financial problems before continuing the upcoming season.

MLB Lockdown

December 3, 2021
The NFL remains as the top viewed sport in America with around 17.3 million viewers as of last season.

2021 NFL ABC’s

November 12, 2021
While other mascots try their best to keep up, the red, white and blue Patriots are just far superior to any other high school mascot across the state of South Dakota.

Mascot hierarchy

October 18, 2021
Tiktok continues to thrive as one of the most popular social media platforms all across the country for youth.

Tiktok tricks

September 21, 2021
Lamarcus Aldridge played 15 years in the NBA, nine of which were for the Portland Trail Blazers.

Trade to retirement

April 19, 2021
After the first round of the playoffs, only eight teams remain in the Divisional Round of the 2021 NFL playoffs.

Road to LV

January 14, 2021
Both Brandon Valley and LHS came together to play this game in honor of these two coaches.

Fighting together

January 11, 2021
This will be the first LHS Trashketball Tournament in school history.

March madness preview

December 22, 2020
The Lakers won the NBA Championship in 2020. Anthony Davis and Lebron James led the team with their leadership and talents.

Battle of the bubble

November 10, 2020
According to Washington Post, an estimated 59.3 million people play fantasy football in the U.S. and Canada each year.

Fantasy fanatics

October 23, 2020
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