Educational gaming timeline


Gage Gohl

Clash Royale is currently rated at 4.6/5 stars and continues to be one of the most addicting games for high school students today.

Gage Gohl, Sports Editor

With every school year there comes a different type of video game that hits the top of high schooler’s priority lists. Whether you started at the very beginning of the “school gamer” stage or picked up and dropped certain stages along the way, there were certainly moments in time where everyone from the class of 2022 reached these stages of gaming in class. If you are not in the class of 2022, your grades may vary from the timeline below, but the games will still apply to you. 

Back in our elementary school days, Cool Math Games had all the hottest elementary school games that turned average kids into full time elementary school gamers at indoor recess. In middle school, teachers were pretty strict, yet all kids were able to get away with playing “the dinosaur game” when the internet wasn’t working and teachers couldn’t stalk your screen time with whatever games you may have wanted to be playing. However, right at the transition point between middle school and high school was the “Give Up Robot” stage of life. This was a game that took absolutely no skill, knowledge or brain power, yet kids would go around bragging about how good they were at this game like their lives depended on it. 2018-19 kids tend to really try in school and trick themselves into thinking that they are giving up their gaming career for good… until 2019-2020 hit. This is the year COVID-19 hit, which provided students with all the time in the world to focus their lives back on their gaming careers while their Zoom calls were taking place and their camera and microphone “weren’t working.” 2020-2021 year was the stage where kids started bringing their mouse’s to school to grind Minecraft, but then when they would get in trouble they would default back to a “school game” of online competitive chess. Finally we arrived in the 2021-22 year. The last hurrah. The finale of the in-class gaming career: Clash Royale.

Clash Royale came back on Mar. 2, 2016. Although the game is now nearly six years old, this Supercell game has hit its second wind in 2022 amongst LHS. When you’re contemplating whether to do your homework, eat your lunch or even just show up to class, Clash Royale has proven that it is far superior to any of these alternative options that don’t consist of dominating a battle pass, grinding for trophies or winning clan wars. 

If you are not a Clash Royale fanatic at this point, I do not know what you could possibly be doing with your high school career. This free-to-play, addictive game will take up hours upon hours of your time and give your brain a break to take some time off and enjoy yourself. 


Credits to Sam Heier, Charlie Mickelson and several other students of LHS who were too afraid to speak their opinion for the amazing story idea.