Killer costumes

Here is my adorable niece Macyn modeling an example of the when life gives you lemons costume!

Adrienne Revier

Here is my adorable niece Macyn modeling an example of the “when life gives you lemons” costume!

Adrienne Revier, Staff Writer

As the days pass by, Halloween is slowly creeping closer. Pretty soon the spookiest thing about this gorry holiday is going to be coming up with a creative costume idea. No need to fret because this is the place to look for highly creative costumes ideas. This list has options for those who like to go all out and put extra effort into dressing up, and even some for those who like to keep it simple. 

Since most people probably have plans with one of their friends, this first costume is easily obtainable for just about everyone. Simply dress up as each other. Make it funny. Go all out borrowing their clothes, copying their hair and even doing minor details such as copying their nail color and makeup. This costume is perfect for those who do not want to put too much effort into their costume. No need to worry about spending unnecessary money on pointless supplies that will only be used for one night. The only thing to do is shopping from a friend’s closet. 

Everyone loves a good blast from the past. For the next costume idea, dress up as something from your childhood. Have a favorite treat that is no longer available? Go as that. Maybe you had a favorite cartoon character you loved watching every morning, simply dress up as them. This costume is sure to spring up a conversation and will have people reminiscing about their beloved childhood favorites.  

When life gives you lemons, dress up as them. This next idea is to dress up as a pun. There are a million puns to choose from. Do a quick google search, find the funniest pun and make a costume that resembles it. For example, “when life gives you lemons” wear a yellow outfit, put on a name tag that says life and carry around a basket full of lemons. Want to make people laugh? Then this is the costume to choose. 

Tik Tok is a widely popular app amongst just about everyone. For a costume that can be enjoyed by lots of people, dress up as a popular Tik Tok trend. Countless trends have gone viral on tik tok so there are plenty to choose from. 

We all know and love the popular cookie chain, Crumbl Cookies. Last but not least go as your favorite cookie flavor. Like their classic chocolate chip the best? Put on an all beige outfit and add black dots to be the chocolate chips. Possibly even add the infamous Crumbl logo so people know you’re not just any average cookie. 

Halloween is the perfect time of year for people to whip out that creative spirit and impress others with their one of a kind costumes. Instead of walking into one of those chain halloween stores that pop up every year and picking out an overused costume that has been done over and over, why not try switching it up this year and dress up as something that will spark up conversations all night long.