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Adrienne Revier, Staff Writer

Adrienne Revier is a junior and first-year staff writer for the Statesman. She can be found working at a daycare after school. When not in school or at work, Revier enjoys listening to the “What We Said” podcast, taking pictures, scrolling through Pinterest and spending her pay checks on anything and everything from Target.

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There is only one Christmas a year, so make it count!

Getting festive

December 3, 2021
Rather than think to much about time ticking down  instead try to live in the moment.

Enjoying the now

October 28, 2021
My preferred form of caffeine is my homemade latte. It consists of a double shot of espresso, torani flavoring syrup and oat milk.

Carefully caffeinated

October 14, 2021
Here is my adorable niece Macyn modeling an example of the when life gives you lemons costume!

Killer costumes

September 29, 2021
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