Getting organized for the spring


Adrienne Revier

Here is an example of how I implemented these steps into organizing my bathroom.

Adrienne Revier, Staff Writer

The season of bright pastels and florals is officially here. The clocks have officially been set ahead and the air is beginning to feel crisper. With more daylight and hints of summer, the motivation has never been higher. It is time to channel this motivation and use it to get organized. 

Want to feel as fresh as the new spring air? Follow these simple steps for a successful spring cleaning. 

Step One: Devise a plan 

Most likely, there is a lot that needs to be done on your spring cleaning list. Make your life as easy as possible when cleaning and write it all down. Getting everything down on paper allows you to be able to clearly see all the tasks you would like to complete. There may possibly be more than you thought, or maybe there is less. Either way, writing it down makes sure you will not forget anything.

Step Two :  Clean each room at a time 

Clearing out the clutter can easily become overwhelming. Separating the tasks into separate rooms can make the cleaning process more bearable. Doing this allows one to focus all their attention on the task at hand. If too many projects are all started together, this can result in an overwhelmed mindset.Inevitably it may make you want to quit and not accomplish anything at all. 

Step Three: Get help 

If available, help is greatly appreciated. As my mother always says, “many hands make light work.” The more people on deck ready to help, the quicker the cleaning will be able to get done. If more than one person is attacking one room then the workload can be separated among each person. Doing this allows for people to make sure no one is overly stressed. 

Step four: Be Nit-picky

When cleaning regularly, specific areas often get looked over. While spring cleaning this year, try looking with a new eye. Ask yourself  “when was the last time I used or wore ___? “. If you are not able to part ways with an item quite yet, try tucking it away in a box for a significant amount of time. If you never reach for that item, then it is probably best just to get rid of it. Although minimizing your space may seem sad, it allows you to make space for new items you will love even more. 

Step five: Spruce up your space

Once you have completed your spring cleaning, it is time to reward yourself with a new item or two. A lot of hard work went into cleaning and organizing your space, so acknowledge this by purchasing yourself a little gift. It does not have to be big. For example a new candle, throw pillow or even fill some of the newly empty space in your closet. Most importantly, do not go overboard. You just put in so much work clearing out unnecessary clutter. Do not go immediately refilling it just because. 

Inevitably, nobody really wants to spend hours and hours sorting through junk and wiping down walls. Everyone does it for a satisfying outcome. With these five easy steps, the cleaning journey will be more enjoyable and hopefully quicker as well.