Getting festive


There is only one Christmas a year, so make it count!

Adrienne Revier, staff writer

It is time to throw out the fall leaves and pumpkin decorations and swap them out for tinsel and garland. Thanksgiving has officially passed and it is no longer November which means getting into the Christmas spirit is now fully acceptable. Around the holidays it can be easy to forget what is important and only focus on the gift aspect. No matter what one’s religion is, everyone should prioritize family and being grateful for what they have already been given in life during the holiday season.   

For some, the Christmas spirit comes naturally. Their mood seamlessly flips from pumpkin spice to holly jolly along with the calendar months. In contrast, others have trouble channeling their inner festivness around this time of year. The holidays are supposed to be the happiest time of year, so why not do whatever possible in order to get the most out of it?

The first step in having the absolute best time this year is so simple, yet can be easily neglected through the years. This is to enjoy the build up. “Sometimes the best thing about Christmas is the expectant build up,” said It is important to not let holiday shopping and planning get-to-togethers stress us out. Tune into that warm feeling of joy. Look on the bright side and embrace the festivities. 

The second step to enjoying the holidays could very well be the easiest way to feel festive. This step is to decorate. Decorating is both extremely traditional and effective. Turning someone’s house or room into their own holiday oasis is sure to make them feel jolly. The stores are packed with a multitude of decorations this time of year ensuring every person can customize their area to feel right for them. Turn on some Christmas jams and begin to deck the halls!

The third step on this list is accomplished by channeling our inner child. Everyone has something nostalgic that makes the holidays feel special to them. This could be a family cookie recipe, a seasonal movie or song or possibly even an activity. No matter what it may be, do that thing and be instantly transported back to the most magical times. 

Living in the midwest, snow is an essential part of the holidays. With that in mind, step number four is to do a seasonal outdoor activity. Sure the snow and cold can be a hassle but, might as well enjoy it, right? There are plenty of options making it easy for each person to find something they adore. This can range from very active events such as skiing or snowboarding all the way to leisurely walking around looking at sparkling Christmas lights. People could even sled in their own backyard and warm up with some scrumptious hot cocoa. 

Last but certainly not least, step number five is to give back. This could be buying gifts for loved ones or finding a way to help out in the community. Sioux Falls has plenty of options for this. Dakota Holidays lists a wide variety of charities and places people can help out this holiday season. Giving back during the holidays is extremely important as it allows people to not become so caught up in the materialistic items that show up around this time of year. Giving back and helping others also gives people a warm, happy feeling. 

With these five easy steps people can be sure to have an absolute joyful and stress-free holiday season. It will allow them to focus on all the good these times bring and help them not become too stressed out. So go outside, put up some decorations and have a great holiday!