Salivating over summer


Adrienne Revier

Getting creative with plating makes all the difference.

Adrienne Revier, Staff Writer

A new season means new foods. Say goodbye to the same old soups and casseroles that were eaten all throughout the winter, and say hello to fresh, vibrant foods of the summer. Summer is sun, picnics, long hikes and days by the pool. In order to make these moments all the more enjoyable, prepare some delicious meals. If not with cooking, then out to eat. There are plenty of options offered around the city of Sioux Falls. These places have a lot of seating and summer time specials going on all summer long. Here are just a few examples of things that could be added to that summer bucket list. 

First and foremost: breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Start the day off right with this delicious,nutritious and easily customizable breakfast wrap. To make, begin by adding spinach or any prefered veggies to a non-stick pan. Once this has cooked slightly, pour two scrambled eggs (or four egg whites) over top. After this, wait just slightly before laying a tortilla on top. Make sure to not wait too long, otherwise the tortilla will not stick. As soon as the eggs are fully cooked, flip so the tortilla is face down. At this point, add in desired toppings (ex: hot sauce, avocado, cheese, etc.). Finally, take it off the pan and fold it in half. Pair with a side of fruit and enjoy!

For those special days when it is preferable to eat out for breakfast, Josiah’s is a highly popular breakfast spot! 

Now it is time for a snack. When that midday hunger kicks in, reach for making a delicious tray of apple nachos. Despite the questionable name, they are extremely delicious and very simple. Begin by laying out apple slices on a plate, then top with drizzled nut butter, chocolate chips, cinnamon and granola. Another tasty option would be enjoying a fresh smoothie from Crisp and Green. 

Next up is lunch, which can often be a tricky meal. It is common for people to skip the meal as a whole and just snack instead. Make lunch memorable with this Mediterranean couscous salad. This lunch can make a big batch that can either be shared or prepped for the week ahead. Simply add into a medium sized mixing bowl couscous, chickpeas, kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, diced English cucumber and feta cheese. In a separate glass measuring cup, prepare the dressing which consists of one teaspoon lemon zest, two tablespoons lemon juice, one tablespoon red wine vinegar, a fourth teaspoon Kosher salt, a fourth teaspoon black pepper and three tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil. Once dressing is combined, pour it over the couscous mixture, mix and enjoy. This pairs wonderfully over a bed of greens or with some pillowy pita bread. 

If planning on going out on a lunch date, consider popping into Bread and Circus. This lovely restaurant is located downtown Sioux Falls. It is a twist on the classic sandwich shop. Bread and Circus is delicious and even provides a welcoming outdoor patio. 

The third and final meal of the day is dinner. Sit down around the table with a beautiful fried rice pineapple bowl. To make this, begin by taking a pineapple, cutting it vertically down the center and scooping out the inside until it resembles a bowl. One pineapple will feed two people. Once the pineapples are prepared, cook up a batch of fried rice, along with desired protein. Salmon, shrimp and chicken accent the pineapple wonderfully. Finally, add the rice and protein into the pineapple bowl, garnish with a pineapple salsa and dig in! 

On those hot summer nights when cooking is the least desired task, Grille 26 is a fantastic spot for dinner. They even offer a happy hour every single day of the week. 

Last but certainly not least, dessert, arguably the most delicious part of the day. Satisfy  that sweet tooth with this yummy twist on a traditional s’mores. This s’mores tartlet is both easy and a crowd pleaser. To make it, first prepare the graham cracker crust. Combine one and a half cups of graham cracker crumbs, six tablespoons of butter and one third cup of sugar. Separate this mixture into 16 nine inch tartlet trays and bake for 10 minutes. While this bakes, make the filling with 12 ounces semi-sweet chocolate, coarsely chopped, 1/4 cup unsalted butter, cubed, 1 cup heavy cream or heavy whipping cream. Add this onto the baked crust, and chill for at least two hours. Finally, make the marshmallow meringue topping. Whip together two large egg whites, at room temperature, a half cup granulated sugar, an eighth teaspoon cream of tartar and one teaspoon pure vanilla extract. Once whipped and fluffy, add on top of the chilled tartlets. Finally, bring it all together by torching the top with a kitchen torch. This will make it golden and toasty like an ewwy-gooey s’more. 

For an alternative option, consider picking up a creamy and decadent scoop…or two of ice cream from Stensland Family Farms.