Setting yourself up for success 101

My favorite morning rituals include journaling, planning my day and making a delicious breakfast.

Adrienne Revier

My favorite morning rituals include journaling, planning my day and making a delicious breakfast.

Adrienne Revier, Staff Writer

Establishing a consistent morning routine allows a person to feel as though they are in control of their day, rather than feeling like their day is controlling them. Mornings are inevitable, so why not add in a few rituals that excite us and help produce a positive mindset?

 Everyone has heard the saying “woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” When the morning starts out rough, it seems as though the rest of the day seamlessly follows suit. It is important to start off each day with a clear mind and set intentions. This ensures people can put valuable effort into the rest of their tasks throughout the day. “Productivity is not always about how much we are getting done but can also refer to the level of quality and intention we are giving to tasks,” said psychologist Rachel Goldman.

It is known that morning routines are important, but what steps should be added to make sure it is useful? Everyone lives completely different lives. We all have different jobs and schedules, not to mention each person’s unique personality. Therefore, when creating a morning routine, it is important for people to add in steps that feel good to them. It is equally necessary for people to not compare themselves to others when creating their routine.

For those who are not traditionally morning people and not sure where to start in creating their ideal morning, here are a few tips: 

Number 1. Allow mistakes to happen. While learning and becoming used to a new routine, it is important for one to be easy on oneself. Perfection is not the goal. Every day looks different, and some may not go exactly as planned. When this happens, the person should try not to dwell on it, but instead reassure themselves that tomorrow will be better.

 Number 2. Consistency is key. Although there are sure to be events we are unable to control, it is still important to be as consistent as possible. Consistency is the only way to make habits stick. Be discipled and make sure the routine gets done each day. 

Number 3. Plan plenty of time. This next tip may seem obvious, but it is to allot plenty of time in order to complete the routine. Hitting snooze on the alarm may feel good in the moment, but doing so will only result in having to rush through the morning, which establishes a stressed mindset for the entire rest of the day. 

Some common steps that are in many people’s morning routines are meditation, listening to music, preparing a delicious and substantial breakfast, reading, drinking coffee, drinking water and taking vitamins. No matter what a morning routine consists of, the most important thing is that it makes the person doing it feel good. It will be done each day so it does not have to feel like a chore to do. Make it exciting and make it count.