The new and improved planner


Screenshot Provided by Adrienne Revier

No matter what each individual desires in a planner, Notion is the one to use!

Adrienne Revier, Staff Writer

People have been struggling to keep their lives organized using various planners or journals for years. The idea of these captures a wide range of buyers at the beginning of each year. People romanticize the idea of becoming an organized person, having their whole lives laid out in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Sooner rather than later, reality sets in. Merely two months down the line and said planners are already being forgotten. The effort is no longer being put into making each page detailed and beautiful. Now, these journals may be ideal for a niche portion of the world but they are mundane and repetitive to the rest of the population. For those who are ready to modernize their planning routine, enter Notion. 

“Notion is a single space where you can think, write and plan. Capture thoughts, manage projects or even run an entire company and do it exactly the way you want,” said Notion themselves. Users can flip through hundreds of planners searching for a layout that fits their unique schedule in the past. Whether someone is a student, a stay-at-home parent or even a business manager, they are able to fully customize their Notion to fit their lifestyle. A few common ways Notion is used are tracking goals, creating to-do lists, organizing collaborative group projects, note taking, setting reminders, mind mapping or journaling and meal planning recipes, said MakeUseOf.

All this being said, Notion does have some learning curves and will definitely take some time getting used to. The attraction is that users have the ability to make their Notion as simplistic or intricate as they desire. There are hundreds of helpful tutorials and pre-made templates that can be accessed for free all over the internet. Notion uses building blocks to customize each page. Currently, Notion offers 90 potential blocks and is continuing to add more. In addition to these building blocks, people can also insert databases. The individual database views include table layout, timeline layout, calendar layout, list layout and gallery layout. Each layout is customizable and work great for various uses. This software is incredibly flexible, versatile and can be accessed using both mobile devices and computers. Additionally, Notion works when offline. Notion is the perfect tool for busy people hunting down a seamless system to organize their lives.