NYFW is back in action



NYFW took place Sept. 8-12 having a variety of events in many different locations across NYC.

Claire Brown, Staff Writer

Every September, New York becomes filled with more people, celebrities and tons of fashion for New York Fashion Week.

On Sept. 8, 2021 some of the biggest fashion shows of the year began in New York City and lasted until Sept. 12, 2021. For over 70 years, New York City has hosted a fashion week filled with the most elite designers and celebrities that take place all across the city with a variety of venues. Even with COVID-19, NYFW has found a way to make the shows and events go on. NYFW kicked off with fashion designer Ulla Johnson on Sept. 8, 2021 at the Lincoln Center. Even though fashion week did not begin until Sept. 8, 2021, on Sept. 7, 2021 there were five events that featured fashion brand, Maiden Name and fashion agency, Harlem’s Fashion Row. Around 90 different designers and brands hosted events and shows throughout the week including Micheal Kors, Tom Ford and Coach. The week was wrapped up on Sept. 13, 2021, ending with The Blonds that took place at a cabaret club.

NYFW in 2020 took place, but more COVID-19 restrictions were implemented compared to this year’s restrictions. In 2020, only 50 spectators or none at all were able to attend, many of the events took place outside and many designers hosted their shows virtually. In 2021, they still had COVID-19 restrictions, but more guests were able to attend and there were more indoor venues.

That means most shows will be between 150 and 200 attendees — instead of the 500-plus audiences from the past — and most of the audience will be composed of industry professionals rather than friends of the designer and fans. Also missing will be the international press, buyers and models, some of whom are subject to the US travel ban,” said Lisa Finckenscher in a New York Post article.

The designers in NYFW each host different shows with different venues all across New York City. Designer LaQuan Smith hosted her fashion show this year at The Empire State building, which was the first ever show to be hosted there. Most fashion designers host their shows for NYFW at The Hammerstein Ballroom, The Russian Tea Room, Hester Street Fair and many more hot spot locations.

This year’s NYFW will definitely be one to remember with some of the most impressive fashion events yet, almost being back to full capacity attendance and the first ever fashion show to be hosted at The Empire State Building.