Changing up the hallway jams



There are many other songs that could be played in the hallways of LHS that students would enjoy much more that could also still follow school protocol.

Mara Tiede, Staff Writer

Getting to class on time at LHS can be quite the challenge. You’ll see a wide variety of students in the hallways: the few students trying to run to class, the students who walk unbelievably slow (and yet it is impossible to pass them) and the students who get so frustrated with both and are just trying to walk at a normal pace. Yet through all the chaos that takes place within the walls of LHS, one thing remains stagnant: the fact that a song is always sure to be played once one minute remains to get to one’s desired class. 

However, I think many would agree that the songs played in the hallways need to be refreshed. Sure, playing our school anthem shows a lot of LHS spirit, but I think listening to it every day will only make students lose school spirit. Also, hearing “Hey Brother” by Avicii blasting through the hallways is sure to give students a raging headache after hearing it multiple times a day. There are many other song choices that can echo through the halls of LHS that would still be school appropriate and that students would like a lot more. With that said, a change needs to happen. 

One option that we could take part in is to play current popular songs. Playing songs that are streaming on the radio right now could be a positive alternative, as clearly people like them, or we could even go in the opposite route and play oldies instead. Either way, both options would be a lot more interesting and students would be sure to love listening to new things in the hallways. There is no doubt that we need to take action and shake up the music that is played, as many students face feelings of dread once they realize they are about to hear the same boring song again for the 100th time in the same week. 

LHS freshman Jens McLarty agrees that we can make things better within our school’s boundaries. 

“[I would recommend to] play songs that have been released this year or last year,” said McLarty. 

That way, the songs played keep people hyped for school, as the songs that would be playing throughout the hallways are songs that students listen to and vibe with right now.  Another option would be to switch the music genre that is played, as it seems that all we listen to in the halls of LHS is pop music. 

“[I think LHS should play] school-appropriate rap or country music,” said McLarty. 

By listening to the input students have, we have the opportunity to make LHS much more fun just by switching up the music that is played. Music is known to bring people together, and we can continue to do this just by making this simple change.