Love on Tour: a recap


Anna Anderson

Harry Styles performing live at the Xcel Center in St. Paul, MN.

Anna Anderson, Staff Writer

655 days after Harry Styles’ “Love On Tour” was announced, he was finally able to perform “Fine Line” live. It is an understatement to say that fans across the U.S. were beyond thrilled to welcome Styles back into the world of touring. 

Due to COVID-19 and the world coming to a sudden halt, sadly Styles’ tour had to do the same. Through over a year-and-a-half postponement and cancellations of international shows, many began to lose hope that they would see former One Direction star actually take the stage. However, the time came on Sept. 4, 2021 at his Las Vegas opening show where fans saw the man himself in his glittery blouse and pink suspenders, ready to take the nation by storm. 

I had the privilege of attending the St. Paul show, Styles’ 10th performance of the tour on September 22nd. Originally, I had purchased these tickets for my 14th birthday the summer before freshman year. Now as a 16 year-old junior in high school, this ‘post-lock-down’ concert not only symbolized my catapult into the new world of live music, but how far I had come and personally experienced during my time in the pandemic. Styles, also feeling this same sense among his audience, relaid multiple messages to concert-goers about the immense love and pride he felt at fans testing negative for COVID-19, getting vaccinated and wearing masks in arenas. 

“I found you can tell more about a person from their eyes anyways,” said Styles. 

Styles opened the night with a reading from his favorite poet, Charles Bukowski’s ‘Style’. Fans held their breath as the opening song, “Golden,” began to play. It was the perfect song to keep the energy high and the moments began to feel surreal, as fans saw Styles dance around the stage for the first time in two years. Through a mix of songs from his first self-titled debut album to hits from “Fine Line,” he offered something that everyone could enjoy. 

 Each show has its fair share of different one-liners and intimate moments he is able to customize. My personal favorite from his St. Paul show was Styles’ reaction to a fan’s sign painted with the words, “Should I text him?” The audience, which mainly consisted of teenage girls, automatically jumped to harsh reactions of booing. The consensus was no, do not text him. Styles then responded with sound advice. 

“If you should, this isn’t even a question,” said Styles. He followed by a famous quote from the film, “The Notebook.” “If there’s any sort of games, trash trash trash, not for you,” said Styles. The crowd went wild. 

Nearly two weeks after the show, I can still recall the euphoric sense of finally being surrounded by my favorite artist and people who shared the same love for Styles as me. It was an experience I’ll never forget. Getting to dance and sing alongside people who were just as excited as me, should be something that everyone experiences in their lifetime. Despite the odds of the pandemic stacked against Styles, the “Love on Tour” shows went on and did so in a way that will be cherished and remembered.