Why are people so crazy about Chick-fil-A? Three just as delicious alternatives


Argus Leader

After just days of opening, Sioux Falls’ first Chick-fil-A location became a drive-thru only establishment due to the overwhelming amount of customers.

Emma Southwick, Staff Writer

Sioux Falls’ first Chick-fil-A held its grand opening on Sept. 23, 2021, and even almost a month later, the drive-thru line is still at least a few hours long because of how overwhelmingly busy it is. Although there are many other options in town to get a quality chicken sandwich and chicken strips, people still seem to be more than willing to wait an absurd amount of time in the line at Chick-fil-A. So the question is, what is so hype about this fast food chain?

Within just days of opening, the new location closed their lobby and dining room, becoming a drive-thru only establishment for the time being. This decision was likely made after Chick-fil-A employees took note of the fact that the immense amount of customers they were receiving was too much to have staff working both in the lobby and in the drive-thru. Since the only way people can currently get their hands on some Chick-fil-A in Sioux Falls is by going through the drive-thru, the line is constantly backed up, and some days, even goes all the way back to the Empire Mall. With that being said, it is confusing to some as to why they would waste so much time waiting in a line at one place when they could get practically an identical meal from somewhere else. Here are three fast food chains that have just as delicious chicken sandwiches without the seemingly endless wait:

Culver’s: This midwestern classic is an amazing go-to if you do not know where to go out to eat. Culver’s is mainly known for their famous ‘Butterburgers,’ but their chicken strips and sandwiches are also to die for. Not to mention, Culver’s makes fresh frozen custard every day and also offers a plethora of different toppings to choose from, ranging from fresh fruit to marshmallow sauce making their chain an ice cream heaven. Additionally, their food is known for being very high quality, which makes Culver’s an even better option. 

Slim Chickens: Originated from the small town of Fayetteville, Arkansas, this growing chain has rapidly become one of Sioux Falls’s favorite places to pick up a quality chicken sandwich. Slim Chickens offers 15+ handmade dipping sauce choices including cayenne ranch, mango habanero, honey mustard, ‘Slim Sauce’ and at least three different flavors of barbecue sauce. Their slogan ‘life-changing chicken’ definitely lives up to its definition as their wings, chicken strips and especially their chicken sandwiches are nothing short of ‘life-changingly’ delicious. With 650 Slim Chickens restaurants in development, their hand-breaded chicken will have people coming back for more for plenty of years to come. 

Popeyes: When Popeyes’s chicken sandwich came out on Aug. 12, 2019, the fast food industry was changed forever. Previously, Popeyes was known for their fried chicken, but their crispy chicken sandwich stole the spotlight immediately upon being released. Actually, it was so good that it sold out nationwide after just two weeks after its launch. On top of that, this sandwich alone created $65 million in profit for Popeyes.