Something to ‘Sing’ about


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“Sing 2” is a great movie to watch bringing many genres of music to one movie.

Brooks Houwman, Staff Writer

“Sing 2” has just been released, giving the original “Sing” a run for its money. “Sing” came out in 2016 and after about a month, Illumination and Universal began talking about a sequel. 

On December 22, 2022 “Sing 2” hit theaters and made $22.3 million during its opening weekend. The world “Sing 2” takes place in is a world of anthropomorphism: a reality in which animals present themselves with human-like characteristics. In “Sing” the audience learns about a group of these animals who are given a chance and completely blow the audience away, but in “Sing 2” the animal group wants more fame. 

The koala and owner of the theater where the animal group performs, Buster Moon, voiced by Matthew McConaughey, wants more for all of his performers. When a talent scout from a big shot company called Crystal Entertainment comes to watch the group perform, she leaves halfway through. Buster chases her out where she gives Buster her professional opinion, his show was not good enough. Despite her rudeness, nothing will stop Buster from getting his performers the chance they deserve. After sneaking into the audition the company was holding, Buster got his chance, making a promise he was not certain he could keep. Buster tells the antagonist, Jimmy Crystal, an intimidating wolf, he can get famous singer Clay Calloway, voiced by Bono, to perform in his musical. One important detail of Clay is that he has not been seen for 15 years following his wife’s death. 

The cast of “Sing 2” is a list of famous actors and singers who voice their characters spot on. Singing is a very important part of this movie as it is named “Sing,” and the songs throughout the movie are relevant. Each genre has a song in the movie, giving every audience member a song to sing along to. Even though the movie is a cartoon for younger children, it keeps all ages entertained with different types of humor. The movie’s only fault is the few moments when characters all of a sudden face their fears with little to no build-up or context as to their newfound courage.

All in all, “Sing 2” is a movie I would recommend to anyone. Despite it being a children’s cartoon the movie still grabbed my attention and held it. “Sing 2” is a great family movie for the nights when all ages want to sit down and watch a movie.