Places to shop Feb. 29

Daniel Valentine, Staff Writer

This February, certain choice stores are having phenomenal deals on Feb. 29. This day is similar to Black Friday, and has deals for cleaning out winter items. Either way, do not miss out on these sweet coupons on the last day of February. 


Abercrombie is having a buy one get one free (BOGO) on certain styles, tops and fragrances. BOGOs are definitely a big deal with this store, as they do not do them often. Some of their jeans will be 25% off, but only for a select few brands. Regardless, these are fabulous prices.


Similar to Abercrombie, Lululemon also has a BOGO deal. But this deal is a buy one get one half off on leggings, shoes and more. Maybe picking up another tote bag would not be a bad idea while getting a load of these hot deals. Lots of people love Lululemon, so be sure to stop by on your big trip to the mall. 


 Stunningly, American Eagle is having 50% off all purchases, which is arguably the best on this list. Jeans, sweaters, parkas – you name it! Everything goes on this special day in February. This will definitely be the place to go to spend the big bucks. 


Sephora is giving customers a free surprise gift with any purchase over $25. While this may be a little more stingy than American Eagle, who does not love a cool little surprise? With items estimated to have $30 – $50 in value, this may be a worthwhile purchase. 


Forever 21 has a buy two get one free for various shirt styles, including crop tops and long sleeves. They also have a buy two get half off on various shoes and rompers. With the additional code of FOREVER29, someone can get 29% off. Not as good as 50%, but with the deals stacking, this would also be another good place to spend a ton of money.


(Throughout this article there was a serious attempt to hound you, the reader, that this is a joke. There are no such deals on Feb. 29, 2023, as it is not a leap year and this day does not exist.)