LHS under construction


Alexis Miller

As construction workers begin a tasking project at LHS, student and staff parking has been rearranged to make room for the large equipment necessary for the project.

Alexis Miller, Staff Writer

    In 2018, the city of Sioux Falls passed the proposal of a $190 million bond, their first since 1997. As we approach three years since the original bond was passed, LHS has been delegated a portion of this bond to contribute to several new or improved spaces throughout the school. 

    The construction of these spaces has just begun but will continue through the expected completion date of Aug. 12, 2021. To accommodate the construction company, both student and staff parking have been altered in recent weeks as a precautionary safety measure.

    “We need to create a safe working environment for not only the students and staff but as well as the construction workers, which is why we lost the parking spots,” said LHS principal Dr. Laura Raeder. 

    As for student safety, there is no need to worry about indoor construction until the completion of the school year, after which the alterations to both LHS’s interior and exterior will begin.

    There are several minor improvements being made, as well as large-scale construction projects in LHS’s E-wing. Available below is a detailed list of each area that will be receiving work over the summer of 2021. 

  • The Tennis Storage Shed: The first project at hand is the storage sheds used for tennis equipment and the additional needs of the team. The original shed will be torn down, and a brand new, larger shed will be constructed in its place. 
  • E-Wing Bathrooms: The bathrooms located near the JROTC rooms will be receiving a facelift. They will be expanded, allowing more stalls/urinals in each area. In addition, a new feature will be added: a door connecting the bathroom to the outside of the school; this will allow crowds at a tennis match (or any other outdoor activities that may take place at LHS) the ability to use a restroom. During the school day, the door will be locked from both the entrance and the exit, keeping students in and others out. 
  • Athletic Locker Rooms: The LHS athletes will receive brand new lockers as well as minor updates to the space. 
  • Training Room Extension: There will be an update to the training room as well as an expansion. Students who use the school workout area will have the added bonus of a separate entrance/exit to the fitness room and the weight room [as of now, students are required to walk through the fitness room to find the weight room]. 
  • Orchestra Room: As a result of the training room extension, both the fitness and orchestra rooms will be re-done. A hallway will be added between the orchestra room and the fitness room to accommodate the entrances to the weight room. 
  • HVAC System: The school’s airflow system will be upgraded and replaced. 
  • External Windows: The upstairs E-wing classrooms will receive new windows, which will help with energy efficiency. This change will alter both the inside and the outside of the building, as the outdoor aluminum will be removed and replaced, giving the exterior a fresh look. 

    While not included in the $190 million bond, LHS is looking to make improvements of their own, solely funded by donations. A teacher ‘wish-list’ has been created and administrators are interested in finding minor projects that will improve the school as a whole. 

    Dr. Raeder is hopeful that a project of her own, the digital trophy case, will be funded and available for student, staff and visitor use in the near future. The digital trophy case would consist of a touch screen tv that would hold fine arts and athletic records dating back to LHS’s opening year. 

To donate to this project, and many additional improvements, visit https://checkout.square.site/merchant/ML169S7GAVVHX/checkout/WNNN4JS2RYDHWJ2KCLM372NC.