Lincoln High School Statesman

LHS renowned chemistry teacher James Jarovski who is know as

Cult following of Jaws

Henry Haft, Satire Editor November 10, 2020

Whether you are a senior, a freshman just stepping into LHS or a middle schooler, I'm pretty sure you are well acquainted with the LHS chemistry teacher James Jarovski (Jaws) and his cult-like following....

Modern Art

Modern Art

Kat Steffen, Staff Writer March 7, 2019

Art comes in many forms: dance, sculptures, plays, paintings, poetry, writing, sketches, sandwich crafting and graffiti. Graffiti is a form of art that anyone can take part of. People of all walks of life...

Snow piles up outside LHS, as it tends to do for nine months out of the year.

Dear winter,

Caleb Miller, Staff Writer March 4, 2019

Dear winter, It was great to see you for the first six minutes of October. Since then, I’d rather you’d take your blizzard advisories and shove them back where they came from (I assume that’s...

The deadly dihydrogen monoxide's chemical structure simplified with a simple diagram.

The untold dangers of dihydrogen monoxide

Sophia Boyt, Staff Writer February 8, 2019

     Our planet is killing us slowly.      Dihydrogen monoxide is one of the most widely influential substances on the planet. According to USGS, about 71 percent of the surface of the Earth is...

Shave me from the liberals

Lauren Teller, Staff Writer January 24, 2019

“Gillette: the best a man can be.” The commercial ends and the screen once again shows Sunday football. But something feels off. Hmmm… am I too straight, white and male to continue using my trusty...

This assignment is one of many that are destroying the grades of children everywhere

Slader controversy brings grief, heartbreak

High schools across the nation reel from the impacts of a devastating mistake
Slater Dixon, Staff Writer January 7, 2019

As school authorities sift through the heartbreaking wreckage, one thing is for sure: This is a tragedy that will never be forgotten. There is still a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the controversy,...

The puzzle game 2048 is beloved by many students as a fun

The SFSD considers a new grading system

Administrator Jon Turteltaub has a plan that will shake up scores
Slater Dixon, Staff Writer December 10, 2018

In the midst of renewed efforts to boost grades across the district, administrators are pointing to the grading system as an area that could use some work. The biggest idea: Replace the percentage based...

The app Snapchat seems unassuming when its seemingly adorable icon is on a home screen. However, it can be much more sinister.

LHS junior disappointed by misleading Snapchat Story

Slater Dixon, Staff Writer December 3, 2018

LHS junior Blake Matthews was severely disappointed on Friday night after viewing what he thought was going to be a wild ride of a Snapchat Story. Matthews was reportedly lying in bed when the incident...

School security: Real or Hoax

School security: Real or Hoax

Ethan Kolb and Justin Schriever October 18, 2018 Here is the link for the video if the video shows as restricted:

The KELO Cup is evidence that LHS has some good sport teams. But how do they stack up against each other?

Whatever… let’s rank the sports

It's about time someone did it
Slater Dixon, Manager of Business September 28, 2018

Here at LHS, we pride ourselves on the variety of activities students can participate in. From band to football to four-square club, students of all interests can find something they enjoy doing. Among...

Steve Blankenship is mischievously about to pull the fire alarm, for a possible second time.

Sound the alarm, the smokey conspiracy

Cameron Rhode, Business Manager September 20, 2018

Picture this: you are trying to peacefully walk to your 6th period class when fire alarms suddenly start blaring to tell you to flee the burning school. Upon listening to the censored propaganda machine...

Getting ready for my visit to Sioux Falls (Photo taken by Barron

Dear Journal: Trumpy had fun

Yairis Alvarado, Staff Writer September 12, 2018

Dear Journal, Hey, it’s Daddy Trump. I apologize for being gone for so long. Kellyanne took you after I left it in the golf cart when I went to go play golf with Kanye. Now I am back and ready to...

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