Lincoln High School Statesman

LHS renowned chemistry teacher James Jarovski who is know as

Cult following of Jaws

Henry Haft, Satire Editor November 10, 2020

Whether you are a senior, a freshman just stepping into LHS or a middle schooler, I'm pretty sure you are well acquainted with the LHS chemistry teacher James Jarovski (Jaws) and his cult-like following....

Stranded and Afraid; Episode 1

An adventure IRL GeoGuessr
February 25, 2020

This video was inspired by the online game My classmate Daniel Bethke and I were blindfolded and dropped off in a remote part of Sioux Falls SD in hopes to find our way back to Lincoln....

Chicken SEE EW, one dish that is served at the newly opened Pho Thai.

Pho Thai

Abbie DeKramer, staff writer December 18, 2019

Pho Thai is a new restaurant in Sioux Falls that aims to serve as the first authentic Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese restaurant in the downtown area. As I visited Pho Thai, I was accompanied by Rachel...

The SFSD is in the process of changing the grading scale for the 2020-2021 school year.

Upcoming change to SFSD grading scale

Anna Langseth, Staff Writer November 18, 2019

A big change will likely be made with the SFSD’s grading scale for the next school year. The Committee to review SFSD Policy IKA Grading/Recovery Systems has been pushing for the district to change the...

Sioux Falls park services have recently begun the process of removing the city's ash trees.

Horror of the ash borer: the sequel

Caroline Sudbeck, Entertainment Editor May 21, 2019

The city of Sioux Falls has officially begun its ash tree removal process, much to the dismay of many citizens, especially citizens in heavily forested urban areas. For neighborhoods like the McKennan...

Hammocking and afternoon trips downtown are among the most popular activities for high school students in the summer.

Summers in Sioux Falls

Elizabeth Boysen, Staff Writer May 1, 2019

With only a few weeks left of school, students are anxiously awaiting the first day of summer, when their only worry will be figuring out what to do in their three months of freedom. While Sioux Falls...

Lila Batcheller competing on stilts with her partner during last summer's

The way to fundraise: President’s Bowl 5k

Caroline Sudbeck, Entertainment Editor April 29, 2019

The annual President’s Bowl Fundraiser is kicking off this June 21st. Runners, walkers and fun-havers of all ages are invited to attend and help out with the important fundraising cause. Proceeds...

The construction of the Levitt shell is well underway and expected to be completed in time for summer concerts this year.

Downtown is about to get a whole lot better

Elizabeth Boysen, Staff Writer April 24, 2019

Downtown Sioux Falls is already one of the most popular places to go all year round, but especially in the summer months. Now there will be another reason to spend summer evenings in the most lively...

Kristyne Duffy speaks at TEDxUSD last year in Vermilion, SD

TEDx returns to Sioux Falls

Slater Dixon, Perspectives Editor April 3, 2019

TED Talks are an integral part of every student's education. The short speeches featuring “ideas worth sharing” are often used as an inspirational teaching tool in LHS classrooms. In late March, the...

To this day, some parts of the city are still flooded with melted snow and rainwater.

A critique on Sioux Falls weather

Sophia Boyt, News Editor March 21, 2019

    It’s a warm, shiny, crisp spring day in Sioux Falls, SD. Petite songbirds hop from branch to branch, singing sweet tunes in a melodic stream of odd chirps and hoots. The scent of freshly cut grass...

Breakfast at Daily Clean Food and Drink featuring a Gluten Free Scone, Energizer Monkey Smoothie, a glass of regular drip coffee, Holy Guacamole toast, and Loaded PB and J  toast on Gluten Free bread.

Small Business, Big Mission

Caroline Sudbeck, Staff Writer January 3, 2019

With a New Year comes time for resolutions and trying to find ways to improve your life and well being, but look no further than a drive down Western to arrive at Daily Clean Food and Drink a restaurant...

The emerald ash borer has officially been found in Sioux Falls and the city has begun it's tree removal process.

The horror of the ash borer

Caroline Sudbeck, Staff Writer November 29, 2018

  One name has been changed in this story in order to maintain the anonymity of a source. This name will be indicated by a * during the person’s first mention. The emerald ash borer is a serious...

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